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What Color Is Your Parachute 2003: For nearly 30 years, "What Color Is Your Parachute?" has been the guiding light for those in pursuit of satisfying and fulfilling employment. This year's edition has been completely revised and rewritten and is designed to work in conjunction with the book's Web site. Measure the skills that drive your success! Prove Your Worth. Keep Your Skills Up-to-date. Advance Faster. Brainbench provides access to hundreds of online skills assessments in various categories: computer software, IT, management, finance and accounting, languages, health care, and office skills. With over 4 million users and over 400 certification tests, Brainbench is the one-stop career shop for today's knowledgeable workers. Click Here for more information  

Aptitude, Entrepreneur and Personality reports Find the careers you are destined for! Analyze Your Career now! Plan your career using one of Dr. Lankford's career solutions. Dr. Lankford is a careers' counselor with over 35 years experience and is an Associate of the American Psychological Association. Click Here for more information.

Job Interview Secrets Revealed: Want to blow the competition away? Then, YOU need the Secrets to Master Job Interviews! Personnel Departments and Employers donít want you to have this information. This book blows the lid on how to master interviews, presentations, group exercises, aptitude tests, entry exercises, fact-finders and much more. Click Here for more information.

Job Interview Answers: In 2 hours you'll be able to successfully answer even the most difficult interview questions.... And then test yourself with our software Program which now includes IQ practice tests. This program will help you to come through the interview with flying colors. Click Here for more information.

Resume and Cover Letter Secrets Revealed: Get the job you want in 30 days - or your money back! You get instant help from the only resume writing expert with a 97% satisfaction rating since 1996, helping thousands of clients all over the world find rewarding, high-paying jobs using the same strategies you'll learn about in this book. Click Here for more information.

Get the Job You Really Want will show you 21 ways to get the jobs! Learn how to:
- Identify your strengths
- Analyze the job market
- Pick the company and job you want
- Conduct powerful job interviews
- Start with a higher salary 
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How To Succeed At Work with help you:
- Discover what job or career is really right for you
- Find and land that ideal job, and
- Succeed in your chosen job or career. 
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The Layoff Survival Guide:: Filled with hundreds of useful strategies, tips, and tested resources, The Layoff Survival Guide will empower you from the moment you suspect you might be laid off to the day you negotiate a new job offer. 
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